Pocatello Youth LAX End of Season!

Letter from Pocatello LAX President and Board to all parents and players!
We have went back and forth on whether or not to carry on or call it quits and we think everyone is ready to call it quits based on the feedback from our email last night.  This has been a great season and we feel that the kids and Parents for the most part had a great time!
This year was mine and Aaron's first time running the club and boy, did we learn a lot!  It has been a pleasure for us to dedicate our time and energy into giving these kids a wonderful sport and club to be a part of.  We wanted to extend the season and learned this year that we shouldn't, everyone is done after Boise, and that is okay!  Next year, we know when to end the season, lesson learned!  We were hoping to go out with a bang and have a B.B.Q. with everyone but it seems that most people are away on vacation and other things so we aren't going to put the time and money into that plan this year, thank you to everyone who offered to donate items!  It's a lot to plan and do and we really wanted to have everyone there to celebrate but the interest level just isn't there, next year we will have a better understanding and it'll be a great party!
We forfeited tonight's game and with the rapid decline of kids, we are thinking it is best to get equipment back sooner than later.  We will be at O.K. Ward Saturday the 2nd at 1:00 to get equipment checked back in to the club and to give out pictures.  If you are unavailable, please contact us to make other arrangements, if we haven't heard back from you by June 11th, your refundable check will be cashed.  We will still hold practice tonight and tomorrow night. 
Thank you all for giving us the opportunity to work with your kids, getting to know them was the best part of the season.  Watching the new first season kids blossom and make friends and seeing the former players enjoy the season and learn new lessons was incredible, we are blessed to be able to be a part of their memories.  All of our Coaches are volunteers and we can't thank them enough!  THANK YOU COACHES!  Without them stepping up and leading the kids we wouldn't be able to continue.  We'd also like to thank the High School boys for coming in and helping ref during the Jamboree!  THANK YOU REF'S! And a huge thank you to the Parents for helping get the kids to practice and games, running tables, helping with concessions, and supporting your kids!  THANK YOU PARENTS!
The season may be over but this is when the work for us really begins!  If any of the Parents want to help on the Board or other areas, please let us know!  There are a lot of "behind the scenes" jobs and opportunities available that we could use help in and a fresh set of hands and input are always welcome!
Please stay tuned to our emails!  We will be sending out camp information for the summer and fall ball information soon!
Thank you all again!  It's been a great season!

Youth Game with Ammon on 5-30-2018 Cancelled

Youth game is cancelled, we will have practice at OK WARD Park starting at 5:30pm tonight!!!!! 

Lacrosse Health and Safety Guide

We were provided this link on Lacrosse Health and Safety from a young man doing a special project at Eagle High School:


 Thank You! Theo Young  for sharing this link with us to provide to our lacrosse parents and players.

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