Bandits High School LAX

Bandits High School LAX
Dedication and Commitment!

Bandits High School LAX Schedule

Bandits High School LAX Schedule

High School Practice Schedule

Practice is at OK Ward Park at 5pm until completion Mon-Thur. 

Dress accordingly for  the weather.  it is still winter in SE Idaho.

If you have not signed up through Pocatello Lacrosse please do so!

If you checked out equipment you will need to bring a $200.00 refundable check!

The check will be returned uncashed when you turn in equipment.!   

Pocatello Bandits High School Team

Our High School team is made up of student/athletes from all three city high school.  We are always looking for new players (experienced or beginners).

Head Coach, Hayden Shuster
Asst. Coach, Charles Parker